Customize All-Metal Mirrors in Different Diameter Specifications

Get custom all-metal mirrors in a variety of diameters. We are a factory, ensuring high-quality products tailored to your specifications.
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flat lens
Optical Glass
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Germanium Lenses
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Air Cushion Wrapped Carton Packaging.
Coating: Ar or Bbar
Fuzhou Fujian China
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Customize All-Metal Mirrors in Different Diameter SpecificationsCustomize All-Metal Mirrors in Different Diameter SpecificationsCustomize All-Metal Mirrors in Different Diameter Specifications

Gallium Arsenide Focus LensNO.( diameter)materialfocal lengthwavelengthedge thickness12GaAs

Gallium Arsenide Focus Lens
NO.( diameter) material focal length wavelength edge thickness
12 GaAs



10.6 2
18 GaAs 10.6 2
19.05 GaAs 10.6 2
20 GaAs 10.6 2
25 GaAs 10.6 3
25.4 GaAs 10.6 3
30 GaAs 10.6 6
38.1 GaAs 10.6 7.8

We can provide virtually any size, shape and quality required by the customer. The range covers more than 60 types including the following types in the visible wavelength range from 200 nm upwards:

  • Band pass filters, which allow required ranges to pass through selectively
  • Long pass filters, which block unwanted shorter wave ranges
  • Short pass filters, which block unwanted longer wave ranges
  • Neutral density filters, which have a virtually constant transparency especially in the visible range
  • Conversion filters, which due to their spectral range increase or reduce the colour temperature of radiation sources


  • Basic glass
  • Ionically coloured glass
  • Colloidally coloured glass

Forms of Supply for optical Glass Filters

  • Polished filter:
    Filters are available as polished plates or round discs with processed edges. Upon request, they are available thermally strengthened and/ or with protective/ antireflective coating
  • Filter glass prepared:
    - With processessed edges
    Rectangular plates and round discs with matt surfaces and processed edges - Edges not processed
    Rectangular plates and round discs with matt surfaces and edges not processed.
  • Standard formats with non-processed edges:
    Plate sizes 165 x 165 + 3-0 mm
    Plate thickness 3.5 mm +/- 0.5 mm and 4.5 mm +/- 0.5 mm

Dimensions: from 1 mm - 480 mm
Minimum thickness 0.1 mm
Tolerances Up to 0.001 mm
Surface quality Up to P 4 in compl. With DIN IS0 100110

Upon request, we can produce any size and thickness required within the framework of the maximum size permitted by the type of glass required.

Optical glass filters are used in a host of different applications. Optical glass filters are significant components in industrial measurement, control and regulation technology through analytical measuring methods in production, research and development all the way to environment protection and medicine with which to permit or block the transmission of specific spectral ranges.

Filter Glass Types

  • UG Black and blue glass which permits the transmission of UV light
  • BG Blue, blue-green and bandglass
  • VG Green glass
  • GG Yellow glass which permits IR light transmission
  • OG Orange glass which permits IR light transmission
  • RG Red and black glass which permits IR light transmission
  • NG Neutral glass with virtually constant radiation weakening in the visible range
  • N-WG Colourless glass with different cut-off positions in the UV range and which allows IR and visible light transmission
  • KG Virtually colourless glass with high transmission of visible light and absorption of radiation in the IR range
  • FG Blue and brown coloured glass (conversion glass)

1 . Correcting Astigmatism

One of the main applications of cylindrical lenses is in ophthalmology, specifically, to correct astigmatic vision.  When a person presents astigmatic vision, it is usually the result of a corneal deformation. An astigmatic cornea will have different focal points at different axes. It is then possible to use a cylindrical lens to change the focal point of one of the axes to overlap the second one.

2 . 
Laser Line Scanning

This is a technique that is used to capture the  shape of a 3D object into a digital copy.  It is particularly useful in manufacturing, prototyping, landscaping, and architecture.  This scanning technique measures the deformation of a straight line created by a cylindrical lens when it is incident into a non-flat surface.  By using cameras and triangulation, it is possible to measure the changes in the shape of our laser line and therefore estimate the shape of the object that we are measuring.  If you would like to learn more about Laser Line Scanning please leave a comment.

Laser Scanning Microscopy

They are usually used in combination with acousto-optic deflectors, where the focal point of a variable lens (the acousto-optical elements) can change its position laterally without the use of movable parts.  The cylindrical lens corrects the image and helps focus the light spot onto the correct plane for laser scanning microscopy.

Customize All-Metal Mirrors in Different Diameter Specifications


Q1:Can you send me free samples or Can i have an sample order ?

A: Yes, We accept sample orders, and we're also willing to send you free sample to  test and check its quality . if we don't have the item in stock , then you could place an sample order.

Q2: How many days can i get my package after placing order?

A: If the order needs customized also the quantity is big. it will take around 10-30 wroking days to produce then shipping.

Q3: OEM services available?

A: Sure, please send us your design paper on platform to confirm more details information.

Q4:We have a commercial project,Can you help me offer an optical design solution ?

A:Yes, we have professional experts who are engaged in optical design for more than 25 years , please send us more detail of your project,we will supply our most suitable solutions for you.

Q5: What shipping methods do you have?

A: For small quanities or sample could by express such as: Fedex, UPS, DHL, EMS, etc. Large scale quantity in your demands:by sea/train ,or by air.In your requests.

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