China Supplier Wall Mirror 3mm 4X8 Antique Mirror Acrylic Sheet Acrylic Mirror Sheet

Looking for high-quality Antique Mirror Acrylic Sheets? Check out our China Supplier Wall Mirror 3mm 4X8 Acrylic Mirror Sheet. Factory direct pricing and durable construction.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Acrylic Mirror Sheet
Raw Material
Acrylic, PMMA, Plastic, Plexiglass
4*8; 4*6; 6*8; 1220*2440mm;1220*1830mm
Mirror Finished & Glossy
0.8mm to 6mm
Thickness Tolarance
Popular Color
Silver, Golden, Blue and Others
100% Lucite A Grade
Laser Cutting, Engraving, Printing and So on
Cut to Size, Custom Service, Free Sample, etc
H S Code
PE Film or Kraft Paper
Advertising, Printing, Light Lamp, Decoration etc
A Grade for Indoor & Outdoor
Transport Package
PE Film, Kraft Paper, Pallet.
1220*2440, 1220*1830, 4*8, 4*6FT, acrylic, plastic
China (Mainland)
HS Code
Production Capacity
500 Tons/Month

Product Description

China supplier wall mirror 3mm 4x8 antique mirror acrylic sheet acrylic mirror sheet
China Supplier Wall Mirror 3mm 4X8 Antique Mirror Acrylic Sheet Acrylic Mirror Sheet


Clear mirror is stocked in 0.8mm to 6mm thick sheets, with popular sizes ranging 1220x2440mm, 1220x1830mm...

Color plexiglass mirrors are also available in variety of colors and sizes.

Our full length mirror can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as ballet rooms, exterior mirror for outdoor applications, safety mirrors for children, salon mirrors, and other general wall mounted unbreakable mirror. We can also mirrorize many other plastics, just ask!

We cut to size all acrylic sheets we sell, which saves on shipping costs since it offers a more economical means of packaging. To order, select the sheet that you want, and contact me. It's that simple!

Thickness tolerances are +/- 10% on acrylic sheets and can vary throughout the sheet. Normally we see variations less than 5%. The sheet are cut from larger sheets. Because of this, the sheet dimensions are nominal and might be +/- saw cut.   if you have any questions before placing your order.

1/8" = .118" = 3mm
3/16" = .177" = 4.5mm
1/4" = .236" = 6mm

Please check below to view sample color:

       China Supplier Wall Mirror 3mm 4X8 Antique Mirror Acrylic Sheet Acrylic Mirror Sheet
Our Acrylic is 10x stronger than glass, shatter resistant, doesn't age and is UV and weather resistant making it ideal for use in a wide range of
indoor and outdoor commercial and DIY projects. Buy your cut to size acrylic from us and you'll benefit from a price match guarantee, great customer service, fast delivery and precision cutting techniques ensuring excellent levels of accuracy.


Advantages of mirror acrylic

Mirror acrylic provides excellent UV stability and is available in 0.8~6mm thicknesses to suit different applications for all commercial and household requirements.
Acrylic is easy to machine and fabricate, as it can be cut and bent into shape easily, so it's a versatile material that can be used in a variety of ways.
Acrylic offers greater strength than glass, with up to ten times more impact resistance than equivalent glass sheets, so it's perfect for high-footfall areas such as commercial properties and public spaces.

Despite the strength, acrylic is incredibly lightweight so it's easy to handle and install even in larger sheets. The reflective surface of mirror acrylic is just as clear as with traditional glass mirrors, with a silver mirrored finish and a grey backing on the reverse that delivers a crisp reflective surface. Mirror acrylic is also much more affordable than glass mirrors, so it's an economical choice that is cost-effective. Acrylic is also highly resistant to weather, so it's a great solution for both indoor and outdoor applications.

   China Supplier Wall Mirror 3mm 4X8 Antique Mirror Acrylic Sheet Acrylic Mirror Sheet

Uses for mirror acrylic sheet

As acrylic can be used for both interior and exterior applications, it is suitable for a wide variety of projects. In addition to being used as a replacement for standard glass mirrors in the home, it can also be used to great effect in gyms and dance studios for wall-length mirrors, as well as for stable mirrors. Mirror acrylic can be used for retail displays and to create the feeling of space in display cases. It's a great material for use in gardens to create the feeling of more space, as well as for architectural designs and features in theatrical sets. This versatile material is also ideal for DIY projects in and around the home, such as for bedrooms, bathrooms and for child-safe mirrors in playrooms.  

    China Supplier Wall Mirror 3mm 4X8 Antique Mirror Acrylic Sheet Acrylic Mirror Sheet

Installation advice for plastic mirrors

Acrylic mirror is great, but as it is a flexible product, care needs to be taken when installing the acrylic to get the perfect reflection. 

To get an undistorted perfect reflection the plastic mirror needs to be fitted to a perfectly flat substraigt like 18mm MDF.  You can use an adhesive or double sided tape, both of which can be bought a most hardware stores. Adhesive should be spread thinly and evenly and should be non solvent and tested on a small area to make sure it will not cause any damage to the reflective surface. Adhesives we know to be suitable are CT1,  Neutral cure silicone. Evo Stick, "The Dogs B*ll*cks" is also suitable and can be found at Screwfix and other retailers. 

Once the mirror has been applied to the backing, a rubber roller can be used to smooth out the mirror and remove any unevenness in the adhesive. 

Plastic mirror can also be mechanically fixed using screws; when ordering add your fixing holes and select your mirror screws here. 

Don't forget to allow for expansion of the acrylic in warmer conditions, we recommend leaving a 2-4mm expansion gap around the edges and sealing them with silicon. 

If you are unsure about installing mirror or the suitability of plastic mirror for your application, please get in touch and we will do our best to advise you. 

Maintenance tips for acrylic mirror

Acrylic is easy to maintain and to keep looking great - it doesn't require specialist cleaners or chemicals and solvents/alcohol should be avoided to ensure that the material doesn't become damaged. To keep your mirrored acrylic clean, a soft cotton cloth and warm soapy water is all that is required to clean the surface. This makes it
 great option for public spaces and areas which are prone to dust and marks easily, as they can be cleaned quickly and effectively with minimal effort. For that extra shine and antistatic properties Vuplex polish should be used, repeated use will help build a protective coating on the mirror sheet.

What is mirrored acrylic? 

Mirrored acrylic is made from a clear sheet of acrylic which a silver reflective surface is applied to the rear of the sheet to provide a perfect reflection. 

Are acrylic mirrors any good? 

In short yes! They are lighter and more cost effective than glass mirrors and have a much higher impact resistance than glass mirrors.  The only slight drawback is that acrylic is a flexible product and needs to be installed well to provide an undistorted reflected image.

How do you cut acrylic mirror sheet? 

In the factory we use CNC lasers and routers to make millimetre accurate shapes. Cutting acrylic mirror at home is fairly straightforward, you can use the following tools 

  • Circular saw 
  • Track saw
  • Jig saw 
  • Router 
  • Hand saw 

Our preferred method would be a track saw or a router. Learn more about cutting acrylic on our blog. When cutting or handling the mirror sheet, be careful not to scratch the grey backing as any scratches will show through. 

Can acrylic mirror be used outside? 

Yes plastic mirror is perfect for outside use, especially as it's 10 times more impact resistant than glass, as well as being weather resistant. 

What can I use mirrored acrylic for?

Acrylic is very versatile and has a range of uses in and around the home, as well as for businesses and commercial spaces. It's perfectly suited to gyms and fitness studios for walled mirrors, which can be expensive to install if using glass. It's more hardwearing than glass and lighter on the wall, so there's less risk of it falling down and breaking. Because it can be cut to any size or shape, it's ideal for using in bathrooms or on the backs of doors to open up the room and reflect the light. It can also be used in gardens - it will withstand impact and won't shatter.

Glass vs acrylic, which is best?

Glass is commonly used in homes and businesses for applications such as windows or mirrors, but acrylic is becoming an increasingly popular option for a number of reasons. It's perfect for using indoors and out, and having a higher Refraction Index than glass, it allows more light to pass through to brighten up spaces.

A common problem with using glass is that it can easily break and shatter, causing accidents and making it difficult to remove. Acrylic is far stronger than glass, so the risk of it damaging or breaking is lowered, but it's also shatterproof if it does get broken. Acrylic is lighter than glass so it's easy to fit and install yourself, and easy to handle. When it's correctly fitted to the wall, there's no distortion in the image and you'll get the same clear reflective surface that you would with glass but without the hassle and risk of it breaking.

Item Acrylic Mirror Sheet
Raw material PMMA
Spefication 1220*2440mm/1220*1830mm, 4*8ft, 4*6ft
 more custom size are available
Customized sizes
Thickness 1-6mm /As your requirement
Density 1.2g/cm3
Colors Silver, Golden, Red and other colors
Packing PE film for protection, and wooden pallets for safe delivery 
Surface PE protective film in case of scratch the mirror (Paper as requested)
Backside 1.Painting (grey/blue).
2.Double-sided adhesive tape. 
Process Aluminum plating on acrylic sheet
Service Within 24 hour reply
Logo print Acceptable

Physical Properties

Specific gravity 1.19-1.20
Hardness M-100
Absorptivity of water (24h) 0.30%
Coefficient of Rupture 700kg/cm2
Coefficient of Elasticity 28000kg/cm2
Coefficient of Rupture 1.5kg/cm2
Coefficient of Elasticity 28000kg/cm2
Transmittance (parallel rays) 92%
Full rays 93%
Heat Distortion Temperature 100oc
Ultimate Temperature of Continuous operation 80oc
Thermoforming Ranges 140-180oc
Insulation Strength 20V/mm

Company Information

     Jinan ALANDS Plastic Co., Ltd was established in 1994 , over 25 years of production experience , over 10 years of exporting experience, 4 international
production lines , Taiwan color paste and molds, will continuously improve the quality and production process according to clients feedbacks, is the largest producer
of virgin material cast acrylic sheet in North China.
     We are located in Jinan City,Shandong Province,China, is the largest laser cutting machine and engraving machine production base in China.
     Our customers usually buy laser machines with plastic sheets in Jinan. We're committed to providing customers with one-stop purchasing service of plastic sheet
(such as acrylic sheets,pvc foam board, acrylic mirror sheets, pp corrugated sheets etc.).
            China Supplier Wall Mirror 3mm 4X8 Antique Mirror Acrylic Sheet Acrylic Mirror Sheet

Hope to do business with you.

Packaging & Shipping

Sheet Surface Protection: transparent plastic film or paper on both sides
Hard carton box to protect the products, waterproof plastic film to prevent the goods getting wet during transportation;
iron pallets, packing straps for reinforcement. safe packing is very important, will not cause damaged to the goods. 

Iron Pallet: Usually can hold about 1500-2000KG each pallet, more durable and strong than plywood pallet; . 
                   If you want load more in a limitted space, you should choose iron pallet.

Port of loading : China Guangzhou Port 

HS code : 3920510000

Delivery time :  5 -15 days according to different quantity

Surface protection : Both sides plastic film  or paper

Packing method : By pallet (1000-2000kg per pallets, according to customer request   )
         China Supplier Wall Mirror 3mm 4X8 Antique Mirror Acrylic Sheet Acrylic Mirror Sheet

Customers Visiting

        China Supplier Wall Mirror 3mm 4X8 Antique Mirror Acrylic Sheet Acrylic Mirror Sheet

Trade Terms

1. T/T, Western Union: 30% deposit, balance paid before delivery
2. Delivery time: 10-15 days after payment of deposit
3. Packing: PE film or Kraft Paper for covering, wooden pallet  

Why choose acrylic?

1. Strong and Tough acrylic stand
2. Light Weight jewellery display
3. Easy to Clean jewelry display
4. Excellent Weather Fastness; Anti-Uv, Yellowing-resistant

Why choose us?

1. 100 % satisfaction from regular customers and new customers.
2. Expert designer to make product drawing for customer's needs.
3. Excellent Service and high responsibility of sales man. 
4. Over work is necessary to shorten delivery time.


1.Q:Can you provide the sample for quality reference?
A:We can provide samples for free.

2.Q:Can you accept prototype or OEM/ODM?
A:OEM/ODM are acceptable.

3.Q:What's our advantage?
A:High quality :Clear acrylic products with high transmittance about 90%-93% , tolerance
Within ±0.2mm , no bubble , no burr on the surface.
Competitive price :Transparent best price
Quality response :Within 24 hours reply

4.Q:What's the payment term?
A:T/T , Western Union, Paypal, L/C

Welcome for inquiries & wish to establish a long term business relationship together !

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